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ANNOUNCEMENT: My poetry manuscript, Poems That Could End the World, has been accepted for publication by Turning Point books! Release is scheduled for this October. Please check back here for details concerning pre-orders and exact release date.

  • Freelance Writing
           All subjects including website  
            content, bios, press releases,
            sports, music, reviews. I can
            write about most any topic but I
            won't, however, write your
            school papers or reports for
  • Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Manuscript Agent
           A unique service designed for
            writers wishing to self-publish a             novel, children's book, or                         poetry book that includes                         overseeing all book production               details to completion.
            Click here to learn more.
  • Marketing-to-Publishers
           You'll save oodles of time when               you hire me to search for the                   right publishers for your                           completed manuscript or                         poetry. Click here to learn more.
  • Poetry Structuring, Editing, and Proofreading
           Got your thoughts on paper but they don't seem to flow? No worries. I
            can polish up your poems with line and stanza breaks, and a structure
            that coincides with today's contemporary poetry. Click here to learn

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When you hire me, you're hiring a reliable, detail-oriented, and accurate worker with a lifetime of experience, who will put the same diligence and dedication into your project that I would put into my own work.

I'll devote the time necessary to complete your project correctly and on time, working with you one-on-one until the finished product meets your satisfaction. Hiring me means you'll have more time to focus your efforts on other important tasks.

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Bob's Spiritfly by Laura Kristi Cronin, illustrated by Dominic Glover, edited by Ronald A. Busse


From left: Ronald A. Busse, editor;                                                                          Laura Kristi Cronin, author;                                                                                                Dominic Glover illustrator

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