Ronald A. Busse - Writing ~ Editing ~ Marketing-to-Publishers
Marketing Services
I'm pleased to provide the following professional marketing services, offering you a free quote and consultation along with friendly and prompt customer service:

Manuscript Agent
Thinking of self-publishing? As your Manuscript Agent, I will first proofread and edit your book or poetry manuscript. It will then be correctly formatted from its original draft, following professional formatting guidelines. Next, I'll work directly with a reputable self-publisher*, overseeing all book production details to completion. Your book can be made ready to sell in hardback, softback, and e-book forms on websites such as

A sample of my work - a poetry book titled CANNIBALS by Roland Roberge - can be seen by clicking here.

*My service fee and the self-publishers' fees are separate.

Manuscript Marketing to Publishers
Your manuscript or poetry is ready to market, but what should you do now? Sit back and relax while I search for the most appropriate publishers for your specific work using the most current resource guides. Your manuscript will be sent out to each selected publisher with a self-composed professional cover letter or query letter. I'll then keep track of publishers' responses as they come in. Any necessary follow-ups with publishers are included.

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